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Bored at Work = Viral

I can remember coming across Buzzfeed quite some time ago. It stunned me. It made me realise that there was much more going on online than I had imagined. The site, by Jonah Peretti constantly tracks content on the web and asks...

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Lager: The Ultimate Beverage

Tennents Lager Lovelies In his infinite wisdom, The Kaiser, from time to time, throws a curve ball at the blogosphere. Sometimes this involves creating and developing a character that storms our imaginations (and our RSS feeds)...

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Blogger or Serial Killer

Inspired by this post by Matt Moore — I ask you to tell me. Is this man a blogger? Or is he a serial killer? And now the fun part. Find a photo of a blogger or a serial killer and post the question. Then tag three other...

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How Do They Do It?

Trophy Cupcake Holiday Cupcake Originally uploaded by cakespy There are some bloggers that continuously amaze me with their content, thinking and energy. Just when I think that I cannot write anything more or spend any more time...

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