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China has been in my blood since childhood. A family friend tried (in vain) to teach me some of the Chinese language when I was about 10 years old — it was not that I was not interested — it was that I was only 10...

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Going to China

I am off to Shanghai next week, and greet it, as I greet any overseas trip … with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. One of my favourite writers, Helene Cixous, explains that she "shivers" every time she...

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How Smart Are China’s Kids?

As I struggled through day after day of greeting people in Mandarin (of which I know only a handful of words), I was constantly surprised by the number of kids who could speak with me in English. Some of these Chinese kids are...

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Lost in Translation

I am here at the Second International Animation Festival in Hangzhou, China, and everyday is an eye-opening adventure. The city itself is in the south of China, and rests at the edge of a lake. Westerners rarely visit here and...

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