Author: Gavin Heaton

Eye on History

It is easy, oh so easyto seek and findbehind leaf and boughin shadow and in rain-puddlesa fear that we know. The shape of our anxietiesand the taste of our fearslives in the contours of our daily lives – in the rooms where we live. The boardrooms we frequentthe hallways we scaleall sound as hollow asrocks in the graves. The four pm food courts of forgettable mealsthese too are the price of the days that we fail Each moment of beliefor a hand not extendedEach easy swallow ofpolitical sandwich To read is a powerto write is a fistto the bleeding eye of history’simpotent mass These days are creepingthere’s no time to wastestand, write, talk, screambefore today is past....

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Caxton Dreamt

The crumbling edges of a finger-worn mapbrittle with the desires of forgotten menstinking of failureThe tongues of parchmenthave no more words to impart. A new contour is arisingA flavour more pungent A nightmare more steeped in thedaily exasperations of menand their suits Our exertions must be immediateThe urge is stronger than breathThe pen holds firmThe nibExtended A finger hovers over keyboardMouseL-E-D I have blinked three times And my stories span the...

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It’s All in the Story

It drives me nuts when someone says to me "a picture paints a thousand words". It is even worse when that person follows through with a reason, or a process, or a formula like <a href="">this</a>. Sure, good copywriting can be strengthened by bold design. But where does the design start? It starts by someone needing to communicate a message to someone else – they have a story to tell. From there, everything falls into...

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My Radius

Breeds like contemptThe armies of the fewthe ignorantthe slimy facedthe self believing votersof compliant governmentsAre all part of theconsiracy to delude. But we two … we hold fastto a belief in conversationIn poetry and languagewhen all that is leftis the mealy-mouthedthen my compass transformsmy...

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The Servant of Chaos

We begin with a rant. A rumble. A shout. There is more in the mind, more on the fingertips, more spilling from the edges of our quivering lips than can fill the words of a thousand weblogs. The diaries of the insane, the newly reposessed, the righteous, the deluded, and yes, even I.The daily diatribe of the left, the right, the religious and informed brooks no argument.But we will give them one.You and I.We will give them one.There are more to the words of consumers than the corporations expect.We huddle in groups, in chat rooms.We explode on the keyboards of a million call centres.Our imagination is unheard of. Our thoughts cancel out the process.We are your hearts and your minds.We are everywhere, all places, all over the shop.In your blood, at your workplace.Serving you tea.Writing you emails.Escape? We don’t really want to, for this is who we are.One.More.A new opportunity opens every day.It opens with the page.The pen.Another rant.In control? Hell no!We are in slavery to the chaos of our lives.This is the manifesto of...

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