Author: Gavin Heaton

Does Anyone Read a Blog?

Seems there is a long, long way to go before blogs really do begin to have an impact on the wider community. John Moore over at Brand Autopsy shows the results of a Wall Street Journal online poll indicating that 62% of those polled DO NOT read blogs. I think this would be higher in Australia. For me, the question is not really how many are reading blogs, but WHO is reading blogs? The democracy of the web means that we do not need to be all things to all people. If you don’t like what you are seeing or reading, then you can click to the next site. But the interesting aspect of the web is that it also ATTRACTS a certain type of person – the impatient person. It reminds me of a quote by Howard Barker (the great British playwright) – "Because you cannot address everybody, you may as well address the impatient" (49 Asides for a Tragic Theatre). This is what sets the web apart from other revolutionary communications platforms – it is both a catalyst for change and the method of transformation. I agree with John Moore’s suggestion … tell 5 friends about the blogs that you read and encourage them to take a look. And the more impatent your friends are — the better!...

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iPod Conquers Earth (or not)

Is the iPod going to take over the world? There is plenty going for the iPod. It has great design, feels nice to hold and certainly has a bit of that "made by Apple" funkiness that those of us in the PC world grudgingly like. But for all its appeal it is let down by few things. One is the software and the other is the Apple service. Now there are plenty of things that the Wintel world could learn from Apple – but something that the Wintel crowd have learned is that you need to live up to your promises. On the software front – that means that "user friendly" is not just cute – but also open. iTunes needs to be more open to other software … it needs to be able to read in a range of data sources, it needs more flexibility in the way it manages my very important playlists and song files, and it needs be more tightly integrated into the Windows environment. It also needs to be more user friendly. Apple needs to realise that they are now making a mass market system – not a niche technology item that is the darling of designers. And then they need to back this up with good support and friendly servicing. The number of people who have experienced rude Apple staff is on the...

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Proust and DVDs

I was delighted by Seth Godins short blog piece on backing up and the question "what would Proust think"? So much so that I ended up emailing him … Most of us do not consider the shoes that we wear to be part of a collection (Imelda Marcos the obvious exception). But the music and movies that we watch, that we take pride in "owning", are more personal. They say much about how we see our place in the world and the tribe that we belong (or subscribe) to. My guess is that Proust would see the beauty of the item in a collection. And that each item would embody the whole world — representing the small step of making the world one’s own. Perhaps this is what Kevin Roberts means when he talks about Lovemarks. Got something to say …? Add your...

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I have been watching on and off, the new venture under way at Squidoo. I don’t fully understand it as yet, but it looks like a critical wiki. Interesting! Squidoo appears to be a blogging-oriented platform that allows people with certain interests or expertise to provide opinion, commentary or (dare I say it) knowledge to anyone willing to read it. They are currently in the beta phase of rollout … It could well be something to keep your eye on! Have you had an experience with Squidoo? Comment and let me know what it...

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Learn More About Yourself

Just when you thought is was safe to ignore technology … Google have hit us again with a free and easy way to measure the effectiveness of your website. Now Google Analytics brings the world of analytics to a browser very near to you. Does it matter? Well if you are interested in your audience (and let’s face it — why AREN’T you?), then this new tool will help you understand what your readers/clients are interested in, where they come from and perhaps even why. Now there is NO excuse to live in a world-wide-web of ignorance!...

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