Dell Launches Social Business Services

Much lauded for its own social business transformation, Dell is now taking its social media expertise to market, launching a new range of offerings through a collaboration between its marketing and services teams.

Targeting enterprise and medium sized business customers, the first offerings provide:

  • Education – best practice seminars for a range of industries
  • Advisory – strategy and optimisation
  • Listening and insights – social media monitoring and reporting
  • Listening Command Center – on-premise build out of a social media listening command center

Dell Social Media Services

Responding to the chaotic social media space, Maribel Sierra, Director Social Media Services at Dell explained that Dell’s customers are struggling to go beyond Facebook and Twitter. Customers are asking for Dell’s expertise in choosing tools, building training and scaling social media within the enterprise.

But it is not all about social media maturity. Customers are also wanting to understand how and where to get started with enterprise social media and how to gain executive support for social programs.

Pilot customers like Kraft Foods, Clemson University and Aetna have helped prove out the Dell model over the last year – and the range of services are expected to grow with demand. Right now, there are over 20 courses available through the Dell Social Media University – and they’re delivered either face to face or virtually.

These new offerings mark a decisive shift for Dell, providing a strategic services offering at the pointy end of customer experience for their customers. Working in this trusted space will keep Dell top of mind across their customers executive ranks. This will bring Dell into direct competition with organisations like IBM, Salesforce and the big consulting firms.

As 2013 begins to take shape, the future of social media innovation looks set to play out within the enterprise. On the customer side, expect more services firms to flood in as enterprises begin to transform social engagement into business value.


  1. OK, my opinion is that (1) there is no question that they have the expertise and experience for in-house, (2) it is most often a mistake to enter a new line of external business “simply because you have the skills and capacity (we saw the Banks fail at this in the 90s when they all decided they would be IT companies because they “knew so much” about IT and they all failed miserably with one possible exception), (3) so unless DELL unfreeze and refreeze their skills to face a specific segment with new business model rules for how that operates within DELL it will ultimately prove to have been simply an expensive distraction.

    • Gavin Heaton says:

      Dell’s a pretty big company. I believe they have around 42,000 people in their services business alone. I’d see this as a intrapreneurial effort for the time being. Just working with their existing customer base on the training component could create a sizeable business that is in line with profit margins across their Services LOB. Time (and customer value) will tell if it scales.

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