Who Really Uses Facebook?

When you think of Facebook, the scale can be confronting:

  • 1 billion members
  • 45% of the North American population
  • 42% of Oceania
  • 35% of South America
  • 270 million members in Asia

But who really uses Facebook? What do they look like? How would you characterize them?

The clever folks from Soap Creative have done us all a service by providing this neat snapshot of the 36 Faces of Facebook. See which one you are. And see if you can see your grandmother too.


  1. Dorothy says:

    In my experience, one of the most challenging job for me is getting as many Facebook likes as possible. There have been a lot of competitors on Facebook that has already gained a lot of likes and those people already trusted the product/brand.

  2. 70% of the companies and 90% of the people will use Facebook for maintaining the network.

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