Got a Glitch in Your eCommerce Process? It’s Time to Reinvent Retail

You know the story … you just want to buy a product online – but the process is infuriating. You are asked to register before the purchase. The search doesn’t work or the half-hidden check boxes add you in for cross-sell or up-sell opportunities without your knowledge. At every click the website seems to prompt you to close the browser and go somewhere else. In short – the customer experience stinks.

And while many of us understand this frustration as consumers, rarely do we apply this knowledge to the online stores that we build, rollout or activate on behalf of our businesses/brands.

Now regular readers will know, I have long running dissatisfaction with the customer experience offered by most retailers. Big department stores are the worst of culprits – with skeleton staffing, low staff morale/motivation and little attention to customer needs and loyalty – but poor retail customer experience is endemic. And for my money, this is what is largely driving customer online. It’s not that consumers don’t have the money to spend – it’s that they don’t want to spend it with the companies on offer. So, yes, it’s a brand issue.

But coming back to the eCommerce experience. What would happen if an online shopping experience was played out in the real world? Check out this re-enactment from the Google Analytics team. Great stuff. And you know the same happens in-store. It’s time we reinvented retail, don’t you think?


  1. Excellent piece Gavin. What interests me is how many retailers (esp here in Australia) accept there is a problem but it is always someone else’s fault (‘GST free’ shopping for example) – no-one seems willing to be the first to take the leap.
    Love the video – think it should be compulsory viewing for all retailers looking to start an e-commerce site!

  2. I really liked the video. I think the worst culprit in my recent web-buying experience is online tickets for shows.
    Two main things: 1. having to have a username and password which I don’t remember because I don’t use the site often enough to remember. 2. the what seems to be an excessive online booking fee when tickets aren’t even posted out but you have to print something.


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