Facebook for the Troubled Teen

Having some trouble with your teenager? See how one parent turned the tables in his teenage daughter.


  1. This is a very sad video, I think. Tit for tat? Is that the message dad wants daughter to get? Every time my four daughters and their mother sit around the kitchen table laughing and talking like the good friends they are, I’m thankful for their camaraderie. We parents are basically the only full-time models for parenthood that our children have, for better or for worse. What message did this dad send to his rebellious daughter? I love you? Or, if you get outta line I’ll shoot you? True, the message the daughter put on Facebook was ill-advised and offensive. But did it deserve bullets? We run out of patience with rebellious sons and daughters. Yet we are responsible in large part, through the examples we are, for the kind of adult and parent our children become. (end of rant)

  2. Every parent disciplines his or her child differently and I don’t think this solution is the right one, rather to explain the consequences in detail to his daughter. As dealing with troubled teens is not an easiest task for parents, it needs to planned well.

  3. I dont think it is a helpful move by Jordan, rather his daughter might create various new problems. Even though it is difficult to deal with troubled teens, but it should be planned well to provide better parenting. Teen parenting is proving to be difficult but parents need to get more information on better parenting.

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