Month: November 2011

Awarding #QantasLuxury with a Downfall

Customer loyalty programs are funny things. They often walk a fine line between promise and flattery, between exclusivity and exploitation. These programs are laced with words and imagery that reinforce the sense of entitlement, achievement and reference “awards” and benefits. But in a socially connected world, awards, entitlement and even exclusivity can be turned on its head. Right now, Qantas is at the heart of this new brand experience. A few days ago I wrote What Qantas Will Learn from its Social Customers. There were five key lessons: The social customer is ubiquitous: it’s not just Facebook or Twitter. They write blogs, publish stories and photographs. They share these with hundreds – if not thousands – of friends with the click of a mouse and a glare of disdain The social customer wields influence with a swagger: they have grown up with the internet and have more tools at their disposal than you let through your firewall. They move fast and do so with intent. If they can impact the decisions of others (to not purchase with you) they will do so. The social customer is not your friend: they don’t want a platitude and they won’t go quietly. They will remember your words and your actions and they will choose their purchases carefully and with deliberation. The social customer is the 99%: they can smell inequity at a...

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When Your Twitter Campaign Goes South – #qantasluxury Ditches

Today, Qantas launched a Twitter-based competition. Perhaps underestimating how much damage has been done to the brand in the wake of the recent lockout of its workers, the vocal Twitter community hijacked the campaign and have been busily reminding Qantas management (and Board) just what negative brand sentiment can translate into. Clearly, Qantas has not learned from their social customers. But what does it look like when this happens? How is it expressed?  Tiphereth Gloria has done a great job monitoring the situation and pulling out a number of key tweets across the day. Using Storify, Tip shares and amplifies some of the most salient points. We used to say that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. But does this apply in a world where personal recommendation trumps brand allegiance? It seems that this Qantas saga has some way to run – with Fair Work Australia now required to produce a binding outcome which could still take months. And the question on many customers minds has to be – who at Qantas has their eye on the safety, customer experience and  brand value of the business? Clearly not the Board or the CEO. View the story “#QantasLuxury – case study in Twitter PR & marketing fail” on...

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Joining the Customer Collective Advisory Panel

The Customer Collective is an independent, moderated blogging community focused on sales and marketing executives. Its sister site, The Social Customer focuses on customer service practitioners. Both of these sites operate under the SocialMediaToday umbrella and take contributions from bloggers, writers, thought leaders and practitioners from all around the world. You can automatically share your blog posts via RSS or write exclusive articles directly for the community. It is a great way of sharing your knowledge with a broad, yet business focused audience. I was recently invited to join the advisory board of The Customer Collective/ The Social Customer and am excited to be joining a respected group of marketing and sales practitioners. Be sure to check out their blogs and Twitter channels for razor sharp insight and quality conversation! Ardath Albee @ardath421 on Twitter Ardath Albee is CEO and B2B Marketing Strategist for her firm Marketing Interactions. She is an expert at creating contagious content and e-marketing strategies that engage prospects-from initial attention until they’re sales ready. She has a unique ability to develop content strategies that work hand-in-glove with overall corporate and product positioning to deliver hard hitting e-marketing programs and tools that compel customers to buy. Ardath is the author of the popular book, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale, recently released by McGraw-Hill. Connect with Ardath » Dave Brock @davidabrock on Twitter Dave...

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Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

I was a little deluged with busyness last week, presenting at the SocialMediaPlus conference in the US. That meant that I missed last week’s update – but there was some pretty good material that will feed your brain, so this week’s list is a combination of great reading from the last two weeks. Hope you like it! Sometimes you can stumble upon a piece of great, topical writing, like this piece by Mat Honan – Generation X Doesn’t Want to Hear It. My favourite line: “Right now, Generation X just wants a beer and to be left alone” – or the Australian version – “Generation X needs a Bex and a lie down”. Love it. Who would have thought that Facebook can make you smarter? New research indicates that social network complexity enriches your cognitive growth – or so Eric Michael Johnson tells us in the Scientific American blogs. Why do we share? Mike Arauz explains the three drivers – to strengthen bonds, define a group identity and to give me status. A great article summarising some of the proceedings at the Futures of Entertainment conference at MIT. Why do you do what you do? Hint: It’s all about your customers. Or so Michael Brenner says. Here are five questions with one of my socially-savvy colleagues, courtesy of MarketingProfs. We all talk (a lot) about content curation. But how...

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How and Why to Give an Ignite Talk

Each year the ignite conference runs events around the world. These short form conferences allow speakers 5 minutes and 20 slides to tell their story. It’s a challenging and dynamic format – the slides auto-progress each 15 seconds – so it keeps the speakers and the audience on their toes. But many of us find the idea of public speaking confronting. What would we speak about? And then there is the time – five minutes is such a short period of time, right? In this 5 minute Ignite talk, Scott Berkun reminds us that the Gettysburg Address – Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech (“four score and seven years ago …”) – takes only two minutes to deliver. He also explains where you can find your story (hint: you already know it), how and why you should share it, and why you’ll be good at it. Check out the video, then look for the next Ignite in a city near...

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