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Is the Average Day on Facebook Like Yours?

Do you consider yourself an average person? Do you do the average things that other average people do? Do you behave a little above or below average?

I only ask, because it seems that average people all over the world are spending a more than average amount of time on Facebook. And this infographic from the folks at JESS3 makes me wonder – do you consider yourself average in this same way? Does this social media diet sound like yours? And what, really, does this tell us about ourselves. Think I may need to get out more – as it seems there are all these friends that I have never met. Maybe we should meet for coffee. Let me know 😉



  1. Great infographics. I am very surprised by the average number of friends. 229 is much higher than 145 ish which is what I knew.

  2. Loved the infographics. It just got me conscious about my friends list. It turned out to be right, I have somewhere about 20% friends from high school and the other 20% are uncategorized, meaning they are my friends or acquaintances from all over. Really informative and enjoyable post.