I’m always buying gadgets of some kind or other. Sometimes they are things I will use for work, sometimes it is software. Sometimes it’s just something fun – or that I “always wanted”. But rather than keeping it to myself, I thought I’d share it with you – as part of myGadget Weekend posts.

I can remember when we thought the “paperless” office would be a revolution. Unfortunately it just seemed to create more reasons to print more paper.

But these days we are more used to reading (and comprehending) information on a screen. Even still, my desk still seems to be littered by paper, pads, pens and other paraphernalia. It’s part of my creative process. Or so I tell myself.

The soon to be released ExoDesk may change all that. Turning your desk top into – well, a “desktop” – this looks kind of cool. And at $1299 it’s not badly priced. The only problem for me would  be finding a spot for all my paper and other junk.