Month: August 2011

A Special Something

One of my colleagues, Ingeborg van Beusekom is something akin to a social media whirlwind. At one moment she is blogging, the next she’s sharing a link, an idea or a point of view. And then, before you know it, there is email, a piece of advice or a recommendation. She is certainly something. Perhaps that is what lies behind her Twitter handle. But up until now, her efforts have been locked behind a firewall. Now Ingeborg is sharing her energy, insight and creativity with the world via her blog and Twitter account. The infographic below was shared earlier this week, but as you can see Ingeborg’s tweetstream is chock full of value – and her blog promises more of the same. Be sure to subscribe – especially if you have an interest or particular focus on B2B marketing. You certainly won’t be...

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A Cup of Chaos #70: Smooth Criminal

I’d never really thought of cello playing as a blood sport, but Sulic and Hauser bring a touch of gang warfare to this cello dual version of Smooth Criminal (via John Hagel). There’s even a guitar face moment – and we all know what that means,...

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Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

It has been a full-on week. In fact, I totally expect the whole of August to be “full-on”. I have a raft of presentations to give – at PR3.0, ADMA Forum and at Marketing Week and I am busily squirreling away on the Premier Customer Network for SAP (turning the ideas of social media into action). And just when I thought that it could not get any busier, #londonriots knocks us for six and changes the game in terms of social unrest, social media and community activism in all its true chaotic forms. Maybe the revolution really will be tweeted! In the wake of riots in London, Umair Haque connects the dots – explaining that this is not an isolated incident – but a Great Splintering that has been coming for some time. Wish I’d read it before writing this. One of the knee-jerk reactions to the riots has been to suggest turning off social media sites. While China proves that this is technically possible (and is certainly easy here in Australia thanks to the Internet filter), is this an attack on democracy or civil rights? Tiphereth Gloria digs into some of these questions. I have always been concerned with our society’s focus on metrics – on the numbers more than the people behind them – especially as it relates to education and the creativity of our children. Now,...

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The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Some time ago I wrote about Dan Pink’s great TEDtalk on motivation. It is brilliant and well worth the small investment of time. But this morning I delivered a keynote address at the Australasian Sourcing Summit in Sydney (check out the live blog). It’s a fascinating, emerging profession – and the presentations across the morning showed the depth of knowledge and experimentation that is being carried out in business large and small. But one tweet reminded me that when we take money off the table, there are other things that really drive our motivation. And this video animation of Dan’s speech – courtesy of Katie Chatfield – explains what that...

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