A Special Something

One of my colleagues, Ingeborg van Beusekom is something akin to a social media whirlwind. At one moment she is blogging, the next she’s sharing a link, an idea or a point of view. And then, before you know it, there is email, a piece of advice or a recommendation. She is certainly something. Perhaps that is what lies behind her Twitter handle. But up until now, her efforts have been locked behind a firewall.

Now Ingeborg is sharing her energy, insight and creativity with the world via her blog and Twitter account. The infographic below was shared earlier this week, but as you can see Ingeborg’s tweetstream is chock full of value – and her blog promises more of the same. Be sure to subscribe – especially if you have an interest or particular focus on B2B marketing. You certainly won’t be disappointed.



  1. This is really a pretty cool post,Appreciated.

  2. Gav, love the graphic – do you have a link to access a bigger/clearer version? Cheers

  3. Thanks for sharing this infographic. It seems like many businesses at least now know that they should be involved in social media, but are still unsure about how to do it.

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