The BP Oil Disaster Mashup

When we hear about the BP Oil Disaster – it is difficult to get a sense of the scale of the impact. But what if we could superimpose the spill dimensions on a map of your local area? What if it was possible to take the data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and mash it up with a Google map?

Andy’s website does just that. You can choose your location and show just how far the slick would extend up and down your own coastline.

The BP Oilspill Over Sydney

In this image we can see that the spill would reach from Newcastle in the north to almost Shell Harbour in the south. It would reach as far as Cessnock in the Hunter Valley, extend over the Blue Mountains to Lithgow and reach far out to sea. If you wanted to drive from north to south in a car, it would take you about four hours at highway speeds.

If this happened on your doorstep, do you think you would consider it a spill – or a disaster? Would you take it personally? I would.

Via Kristen Obaid


  1. Gavin, that’s seriously crazy. I knew it was big, but I now have a new perspective on how bad this thing really is… I’d be selling BP shares faster than they already are!!

  2. If this happened on my doorstep,i would consider it a spill – or a disaster?really this thing is bad was big one….

  3. Pinpointing BP’s Pitfalls: Eight Ways to Reconnect After a Disaster
    Read the full article here:

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