Twitter appears to go from strength to strength, with user audiences continuing to grow. There are some obvious attractions to the platform:

  • Ease of use – it is easy and quick to setup and simple to actually use
  • Familiar format – we are used to SMS texting on our phones so are used to the 140 character format
  • Bite sized chunks – in an attention poor world, the bite sized chunk of information is not just necessary, but expected

But I wondered – how many people who use Twitter also have blogs? I didn’t expect it to be large. My discussions and casual conversations with people indicated that Twitter was preferred because it took a small amount of time to engage and create a substantial community – but blogging was seen as a much greater commitment.

So to get some clarity, I ran a quick survey via twtpoll, The results surprised me. At time of writing, almost 80% of respondents also have a blog. Interestingly, I got a response rate of 1% (which confirms again the 90-9-1 rule of social media participation).

But what do you think? Do the results surprise you? Why?