The Social Landscape for Marketers released a handy chart with snapshot social media information designed as a quick heads up for chief marketing officers. It’s not a panacea and it doesn’t cover all the places, spaces and platforms – but it’s a great start.



  1. It’s a great start. Sometimes we need someone to put in order stuff.

  2. I love this chart. Visual thinking is an area I have often struggled with and this chart gives a great start/overview of some of the landscape.

  3. Great work! Greetings!

  4. Thanks for posting this – its a great tool for educating those not living in the social media world.

  5. Love your chart. It’s really helpful for a social media junkie like me 😀

  6. digitial and social disadvantage: I love social media & the idea, but I’m red-green colour blind, so reading this chart properly is a challenge for me as good/bad look similar.

  7. All I can say is.. it’s a SUPER chart for internet marketers


  1. […] Hat tip to my buddy Gavin Heaton, who wrote about this a couple weeks ago. […]

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