hiveawards You know what it’s like … you slave away for weeks or months on end. You put your best thinking, creativity and imagination into it. You wait, anxiously, as it begins to reach its audience … first in ones and twos and then, more. Then it is time for feedback, recognition, reward … only sometimes this last stage doesn’t happen. Well, not for all of us.

If you are one of those “behind the scenes” folks who help build websites, create strategies, engage “users” – then the Hive Awards is for you. Celebrating the unsung heroes of the internet, the Hive Awards:

… are designed to reward all the unsung heroes of the internet: the coders, programmers, user experience designers, content strategists, information architects, planners and the like: the people who innovate and create but rarely get the credit.

You only have a few weeks to get your entry in – so quickly, check out the website and start thinking about your favourite project.

Oh, and the good thing is – the Hive Awards is granular. So it doesn’t matter if the latest MTV promotion got more visits and visibility than your finance site. You are still in with a chance. Get your entries in by January 31.