We all have a past – some of us choose to hide it, others feel compelled to share it. This episode of Judge Judy was obviously filmed well before Paul McEnany became a suave and sophisticated advertising executive. But some years ago, just after Pauly left his mountain home to study in the big bad city, he found himself embroiled in a legal fiasco. It was friend vs friend.

McEnany-Criminal Now, of course, I am wondering whether Paul will be sporting some new facial hair – because, yes, it is Movember time again. And I am manning-up for Movember – shaving my face and then sculpting it into a furrier, more 70s version of myself – all in the name of charity.

Each year Movember aims to change the face of men’s health – raising awareness of, and funds for research for, depression and prostate cancer. You can help make sure that we never have to grow moustaches again – by supporting a “mo bro” with a donation. Although I can’t promise that Paul will refrain from resurrecting his hillbilly-style appearance.

Oh, and you can join our Movember team right here. Go on. You know you want to!