It’s Not Where You Take Things From – It’s Where You Take Them To

steal A reminder from two creative greats of the 20th Century – Jean-Luc Goddard and Jim Jarmusch – caught momentarily on one of my new favourite blogs.


  1. How can ideas evolve and grow if everyone stays proprietorial over their own content? It isn’t about originality but building on what has gone before to find and create new things.
    Even Shakespeare was hardly original in his plots and storylines, but built upon those ideas to create new works of genius that we would otherwise not have seen were it not for that willingness to steal from others (we need new words for this).
    Of course, this speaks to the heart of the web and the issue of copyright. With Associated Press now charging anyone $2.50 per word for any quote of their material over 5 words, ( it becomes harder to make a point or build on ideas to further a discussion as organisations continue to use copyright as the gatekeeper to ideas.

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