A few weeks back, David Armano suggested that it is time to kill your website:

Your website should provide value to all of your users. If you can get them to participate, then do what ever it takes achieve that. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your site looks more or less like a blog, what matters is if you’re doing something to transform behavior from the passive to the active. Participatory behavior leads to better interactions between people, brands, businesses etc. So the real question is—are you designing for participation? Your answer should be, yes. If your Website doesn’t do that, kill it. Then bring it back to life into something that does.

Interestingly, the folks from BooneOakley (via Daria)have transformed their website into a YouTube channel, using some of the interactive features of YouTube to provide the sort of participatory behaviour that David was referring to.

Take a look. BooneOakley are an agency with a sense of themselves and a sense of humour. I love the way they encourage P-L-A-Y . Listen to the “actual” tone of voice used. Think about your own website. Is there something you can learn here? Something of value you can take away? It looks to me like they understand the secret to marketing.