I am currently fascinated with personality … in understanding how our personalities manifest, and what our artefacts, our stories and our living spaces tell about our lives. Interestingly, much of what we disclose either on purpose, or inadvertently, provides a much clearer picture of our "selves" than other profiling tools such as MBTI and similar frameworks.

This has all come about because of this intriguing book, Snoop, by Sam Gosling. I will be doing a more thorough review over the next week or so. But in a nutshell, the book explains what clues you should look for when assessing someone's personality. More interesting for me, is the insight that can be garnered from a Facebook profile or a website. There is even a Facebook application that you can use to assess the impression you are leaving others!

However, when it comes to the personality of your business, Rohit Bhargava is the person you should turn to. Not only does he work, daily, on the helping companies inject life into their products and services (with the 360 Digital Influence group at Ogilvy in New York), he is also the award winning author of Personality Not Included – a book that steps you through this process. Take a look at this presentation on how he got his book published … and see if there are aspects of his personality that you can gather from it. Then, later, after reading Snoop, look again and see if you were right. It's fascinating, I promise!

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