If you are like me, you will go through times of rapid and deep attachment to social media … and then, through burn out, work or life changes or a million smaller interruptions, you drop out, switch off and unplug. Sometimes it takes an intervention … and if you know someone who tweets too much, blogs too often or spends way too much time with MyFace … then perhaps you should use this site to remind your friend to switch off the machine and reconnect face-to-face.

In fact, this campaign from the meetup folks hits a sweetspot for me. Great story, excellent use of the P-L-A-Y framework, and it is synchronous with the brand and what it actually delivers for its users.

Oh, and it reminds me … I will be at WebJam this Thursday. Let me know if you will be there — it will be great to meet and chat.

Via Paul Isakson (I guess you can’t make Thursday?).