Nokian96 There are only days left for the lovers of all things gadgety to enter the Limited Edition Nokia N96 competition. In a novel pre-launch twist, Nokia are giving us all (ie a worldwide audience) the opportunity to get our hands on their latest mobile device ahead of the in-country launches. By following the effective launch strategy that has been employed by many Web 2.0 brands, the N96 has a limited edition (ie like a beta program) that ships ahead of the launch. However, there are only two ways of receiving one of the number N96s — and both are funnelled online.

The website, Face the Task, has some neat full screen (Flash) video, and guides you through various features before you have the opportunity to enter the competition. And while the underlying story is a little obtuse, it serves well enough to put forward the various features. But the real story, for me, is the link with good deeds.

In case you intend to buy one of the limited edition N95 multimedia computers (notice they are no longer being called mobile phones?), you can help the WWF by making a 750 EURO donation — and receive an N96 for free. BUT, you still need to do a complete review of the features, answer a question and then, be lucky enough to randomly view the "donation" page when it is timed/programmed to offer up one of the limited edition beauties.

However, if you are like me, you have to enter the competition and keep your fingers crossed.