Childtrader In the tradition of Marry Our Daughter, the Child Trader website is now open for business. Now you have the opportunity to trade that difficult or problem child for a sleeker, more compliant model. Simply login and begin bartering.

The site has a handy FAQ which answers many of the questions you would never dare to ask — including this one:

My child is pretty run-down. Should I still consider trading him/her?
Yes! One man’s garbage is another man’s gold, so don’t count your kid out of trading eligibility just because of bad skin, awkward arms or thick glasses. Many parents find these traits adorable in trades, especially if they find their child too handsome, too athletic or too intelligent. Do you consider those bad traits? Some trading parents do.

As with the Marry Our Daughter site, this one challenges both taste and morality. The scary thing is, that some people may well think it is legitimate.