I mostly use Twitter for "listening" … I scan the conversations from time to time to gauge what is going on in my personal universe. From time to time I will join in the conversation, but often my response is delayed due to working patterns, time zones or even the volume of information that passes through my Twitter feed. What often happens is that I will find a link of interest and then I will write a couple of sentences and save the information as a draft here on the blog. Later, when I have time, I scroll through the back catalogue of unfinished blog posts and finish it up. Here is one of those posts:

Learn Web Development with 100+ Free Courses
Today a tweet grabbed my attention, though it really could have just passed by. Paul Terry Walhus points out this great listing of free courses on web development available on the net. It is broken down into category areas such as multimedia, development, design and so on, making it not only a comprehensive list of resources but a usable one as well.

For me, the Servant of Chaos blog is a personal scrapbook of ideas … I use it to work through concepts, to engage in debate and to capture the fleeting moments in time where the world and I collide.

If you write a blog, do you use it as a source and expression of your own creativity — and why? And if you DON’T write a blog, how do you think blogging would impact or change your personal creativity and how would this change your professional life?

I would love to know 😉