For years I have been asked by my family and friends, "what do you do"? When you are immersed in a role or a project it can easily become your "world". And increasingly, as my work became more globally focused and international in flavour, my day-to-day working life became more disconnected from my family’s world.

The daily emails, conference calls, uploads and downloads that are the substance of my day were anathema to members of my family who work in more traditional roles. And the outputs of my work, from documents and presentations to deal-making and presenting, the world of the knowledge worker is very strange (regardless of whether you are a marketer, salesperson, designer or IT architect). This has accelerated significantly with my personal adoption of social networking tools such as blogs, Flickr, Facebook and virtual worlds.

And while all this allows me to stay in contact with my virtual teams and wider communities it also provides yet another way of alienating my family and friends. The presentation below, by IBM Metaverse Evangelist, Roo Reynolds, helps answer the question "what do you do?". Now all I need to do is get my friends and family to check out my blog. Hmmm … now that could be a challenge!