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Ever wanted to meet the people behind your favourite blogs? I know I have (and in some instances I have been lucky enough to do so). But some of my favourite bloggers live far away … from Europe to India and across the US. It is hard to think of a way of bringing eveyone together … but then, that has never stopped a good marketer!

The charming and super-smart CK teamed up with Mike, Cam, Luc and Drew to form an organising committee to make sure that we will all have a chance to meet face to face. More herculean than the 2008 Olympic Games, this dynamic group have drawn a line in the sand — April 4-6, 2008. The place? NYC.

But to make sure we can secure a place and move ahead with the many arrangements that need to be made, you need to RESERVE a place before November 15.

HOW? Simply go here … find out more … and book online.

And PLEASE … book earlier rather than later. Go on … you know you want to!