It is time for a little confession … I have been hiding a small secret from you all. It is only so very small, but it means a great deal to me, and it has been a very enjoyable diversion.

For the last month or so I have been digging around in YouTube and posting my findings on another blog. It has been fantastic fun … there are literally thousands of videos of songs and performances that I have never seen. And when I find something that I love, or loved years ago, I write it up — add a small story to the song and then let the music speak for itself. In a way it is a sort of antidote to the sense of loss that comes with owning an iPod — as I can now, no longer, proudly peruse my CD collection, this is the next best thing.

Why am I sharing it with you? It is like Mark Pesce says:

We are each, in our own ways, experts on something. The great among us might have expertise across several domains, but every one of us has a passion, a hobby, a predilection, into which we pour tens of thousands of hours of (generally) unpaid work. These passions define us to our peers, far more than any simple explanation of what we do to earn a living.

So here is a little bit more to explain myself. Enjoy (oh, and more to come!).