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One of the things that I have come to appreciate through social media is that more is more. I mean this in direct opposition to the notion that "less is more" — where there is a suggestion that quality is a rare feature and that ideas or even commodities gain power through their exclusiveness.

Online conversation is a great example of this. For example, when someone new visits your blog and leaves a messages, what do you do? Do you respond personally via email? Do you comment back through the comments section on your blog? Do you visit THEIR blog (if they have one)? OR … is it too much? Do you not have the time to respond? Or are you at saturation point with your online networking and feel that it is beginning to impinge on your FIRST LIFE?

Many of these questions also apply to the raft of new software and application releases. Do you try Pownce, watch Joost, chat on Twitter and digg your favourite posts? Of course, entry for these rides is FREE — the only thing you need is a jot of time and perhaps an invitation — but this "free" price is becoming par for the course … and we may not be interested in being paid for trialling. The only way out of this conundrum will be to head back the other way … exclusive subscription use. And as I have not done a prediction in ages, here is one now — exclusive subscriptions due to come from Apple for the next must-have social networking site.

Oh, and as more is always more, take a look at the Australian focused news/bookmarking/sharing site called Confer. It is free.