I was following a little link love and found myself over at BuzzMachine — where I have not been in some time. It is funny, but I do seem to go through phases where I will visit, read and comment on some blogs and not others … so it was good to check out Jeff Jarvis’ most recent posts and reacquaint myself with some of the most insightful thinking around.

One thing that struck me was the idea of looking at your business as an API (application programming interface — or techno speak for a way of letting different computer programs talk to each other). In many ways, this is what Web 2.0 is all about — focusing on the conversation NOT the technology — but again, it has profound implications for brands. As we make it easier for consumers/stakeholders to engage, play, experiment and immerse themselves in our brands, there will be trade-offs. Of course, one of the largest challenges is that we have to view our businesses and our brands as something that is NOT wholly within our control. This has probably always been the case.

But for all the talk about brands, conversation and so on … seeing your business as an API is a simple analogy that makes sense.