Choir of Hard Knocks
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I have been watching a documentary over the past few weeks … and every episode amazes, astounds and drives me to tears. The documentary is called (and about) The Choir of Hard Knocks — and follows the process of bringing an eclectic group of disadvantaged and homeless people together to form a choir.

Johnathon Welch is the driving force behind the choir and he shows amazing focus and fantastic leadership skills. Along the way, Johnathon consistently sets new personal and group goals for the choir and each week you can see significant personal development and aspiration in members of the choir. But what drives the story … and it is an amazing story, is the network of human connections that begin to form in and around the choir. Even moreso, there are connections made during the street performances, by the the documentary and through the hearing of the music.

You can purchase the CD of their music here … and if you are in Melbourne you can see the choir perform live at the Melbourne Town Hall on 24 June 2007. You can make bookings here.