Liftclub There are some people who seem to have abundant energy. Creativity oozes out of every pore. They tackle life and life’s challenges with generosity, excitement and genuine curiosity.

As I walked up the street yesterday I was presented with one of life’s gentlemen — Paul Bennett. You can’t miss him with his mane of silver hair, wide eyes and smiling face. After wishing me a happy new year he handed me a card … membership of his new Lift Club. Actually, it was more than membership — I am now a LIFT CAPTAIN.

Membership entitles you to openly converse with others while riding in a lift/elevator. On his site, you can learn the "rules" — promote friendship, create good energy, create a club environment and HAVE FUN!

Paul also provides ideas for lift games, provides questions to get people talking and engaging. AND if you are daring enough, you can take the PAVAROTTI challenge — invite your fellow lift travellers to sing with you. I am thinking of trying the Pavarotti challenge myself — but will only get a couple of bars done by the time I arrive at my destination. Probably best for my fellow lift captives (ahem … lift travellers).

All joking aside, this is a sensational way of openly breaking down some of the barriers that we allow between and amongst ourselves. Give it a go. Oh, and tell me how you went. Can you get anyone to sing with you?