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MarketingProfs Book Club Open

Robin’s book club
Originally uploaded by Jon Appleyard.

The hostess with the mostest, CK, has announced that the MUCH anticipated MarketingProfs Book Club is open for business.

Remember, it is not too late to join in the discussion! Don’t be a piker … join in the conversation.



  1. Who says bookworms aren’t cool?
    The book is great too. I really have enjoyed it. Lots of good stuff in it… but I’ll just talk about it with the cool kids.

  2. I don’t want to be a piker…but I don’t know what that is (?). Tell me quicksmart.
    As for opening day, I have to say this: I met a lot of NEW people (but of course I love the ones I already know). Lots of cool marketers abound. Come on by, this party rocks 24/7 and, being that I don’t sleep, you’ll likely run into me…and maybe even Buffy.

  3. Ha ha! I knew you would like that one! A “piker” is somone who is tries something but in a small or cautious way. So NOT being a piker means jumping in and giving the task at hand your full attention and energy.
    As for me, I am all over that book club.