About Beauty (please read) 
  Originally uploaded by Lara Swift.

Some time ago I began writing my posts from Flickr. It allows me to find an image that matches the emotion of my post, or to create some dialogue between the text and image. I always try to find some image that will create some tension between my writing and ideas and the visual story that is being told in the photograph.

Every now and again I come across a photo that stops me in my tracks. Often, I add them to my Flickr favourites thinking that I will come back to them, but never do. But this one was a little different. It was a picture that came with a story … actually it is a picture that came with a fully-fledged conversation … follow the link under the photo to see the unabridged tale.

What I liked about this was the title (which I have kept for this post) — "About Beauty (please read)". It is a gentle request that matches the emotion of the image, and immediately prepares you for a story that starts from the photograph but rolls out into a community conversation.

Marketers often work hard to find a correlation between image and message (and sometimes we win, and sometimes we don’t). But what we often forget is to ask for permission, or to invite our audiences into the creative tension we have created. We forget, though we shouldn’t, that our art is creating stories for many that need to resonate with our audiences one heart beat at a time.