What is it that you say to recruiters when you are looking for a new job? What is it you say when you are selling to a new (potential) client? How many buzz words do you use? Do you tell it straight?

I was reading through Valeria Maltoni’s ConversationAgent blog and found a link to MarketingHeadhunter.com where there is this funny YouTube piece featuring George Carlin. There are plenty of other interesting posts as well … and as I read it reminded me that interviewing (for a new job or a new client) is very much about the stories we tell. It is also about the WAY that we tell our stories. And of course, I still think that blogs are the new CV … they allow a little more colour before and after the interview/sales pitch.

Blogs provide an insight into the way that we think and act. They provide concrete examples of intangibles … and this is the same for individuals and organisations. So while corporate blogs are still in their infancy, they do have a very important function … they DEMONSTRATE the way in which you tell stories, they are the medium THROUGH which your storytelling unfolds, and they EXPOSE the way that you think about and interact with your clients and consumers.