Emily and Russell talk about "creative" not being a department but more a responsibility. One that we all share. Of course, this also includes clients.

One of the often overlooked creative challenges is providing feedback on creative work. And if you are involved in any type of creative process, then you know that everyone has to provide feedback … your friends will ask you for your opinion, your colleagues will expect your input and your staff will EXPECT you to provide them with CONSTRUCTIVE responeses.

If you are on the client side, it can be difficult to provide the type of feedback that your agency would like. Clients are necessarily a step removed from the inner workings of an agency … and no matter how inclusive or engaged you may feel with an agency, there are thousands of small creative decisions that are made in the development of a piece of work … and client feedback or response to each of these is almost impossible … until things start to come together.

So as I was considering all this, looking over some work today, I found this great post by Paul Colman. He has some excellent insight into the creative review process. So in a fit of inspiration, and channelling CK, I decided to turn this into a reviewing checklist and see how it works in practice.

Hope this is ok with you, Paul. Anyone who wants it can grab it below. Please share your additions with the rest of us!


Download creative_review_checklist.doc