I have always believed that there is a link between creativity and chaos, and the more I embrace the chaos of the world, of life and my work, the more doors open into a creative world.

When I first started using the name "Servant of Chaos", it was simply to create a new Yahoo Messenger ID. I was there at work looking at my office with piles of paper (who said computers would lead to less paper), stacks of brand and style guides reaching up to the ceiling, row after row of Corbus photo sample books and three computers lined up ready to go. And the more I thought about it, the more I realised that FAR from being the MASTER of my own destiny, I was a servant of the chaos that comes into, and forms part of, my own world.

Realising this was great. It allowed me to let go of any sense of control. It allowed me to focus on the end result of my work, not on my ability to MAKE something happen. It made me think about my customers, my colleagues and my friends. Well, I am still pretty pushy, but I am not as bad as I was!

I was reminded of this by this great post by Tara. She is talking about embracing chaos … from a different perspective, of course, but the lessons hold true (you can read them all) — embracing the chaos prepares you for ANYTHING. Precisely because you don’t know what to EXPECT, you don’t exclude possibilities. You are open to, and are able to respond more nimbly to, unexpected events.

Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. Some people DO like a more predictable life. How about you? Bet I know the answer 😉