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I knew it was going to be a busy day when went to get my Daily Fix and saw CK’s featured post. My first thought was "how do I respond"? It was a passionate and strident article on the portrayal of women in the media and the effect it has on our body image. If you have not read it, I encourage you to do so!

Then I ventured over to CK’s blog and found yet ANOTHER article laying it on the line — this time about Darfur and the humanitarian crisis unfolding there. Oooh, I thought … CK’s on fire! Can my brain keep up?

I flipped back to The Fix … but there was plenty in the post that I needed to digest. I wanted to wait and see what thoughts came up during the day. So then I went back later and there were some GREAT comments — if you are reading the post, take some extra time to read the comments, because there are some excellent additional insights and personal anecdotes that help to illustrate exactly what CK is talking about.

One of the points that I really liked was Tim Jackson’s comments on the challenges in changing behaviours and opinions:

I’m one of the biggest dreamers you’ll ever encounter and even I don’t believe we can change the world that much… but I’m still gonna try.

But it made me think … if some of the best marketing and communications professionals around can’t effect some change in areas that we consider important, then who can? Some of the best advertising and creative work I have seen has been done for pro bono clients … and it seems to me that there is a DIRECT connection between passionate creative commitment to a cause and the quality of the work. The YouTube of this struck me like an axe.

Really, we need more of those axes. Great stuff, CK!