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How do you browse the blogosphere? Are you a fan of RSS or do you prefer to read where the mouse takes you? Are you an A-List reader or do you restrict yourself to a topic of interest?

And if you are a blogger too, then how do you build your audience, generate traffic, link-in with others with whom you share an interest or passion? How do you become known as a player rather than a spectator? What is your strategy … do you STREAK across a well-known field and take the consequences, or do you work away as one voice in the crowd?

I was thinking through all this as I read a great post today over at Ariel’s blog. It made me ask myself … is it true that NEW bloggers are only as good as their last post? Am I only as good as my last witty comment on someone else’s blog?

It’s funny in a way, this blogging lark. You can become obsessed by the number of comments and emails, site visits, statistics and entry and exit pages … but there really is some value in looking through the details. I love the way that I get visits from all over the world, from cities and towns that I have never heard of before. I love the way comments appear out of nowhere. But I am equally interested in how people arrive here and where they have come from.

Because blog content is not necessarily accessed via a chronology … the history or archive of your blog can be always present for any reader who happens to stumble upon you. So really you are only as famous as ANY post … or only as famous as your BEST post. For example, I continue to get links through to this post even though it was written some time ago. Is it my best? I can’t tell … but it certainly works for some!


Oh, and by the way … fame is always relative.