While I think the title of this post is great, I think it is a much better title for book! I found this over at Patrick Syms & Yusuf Chuku’s Staufenberger Repository blog.

The Staufenbergers raise an interesting point … over the last couple of years, debate over "creativity" has been heightened and managed by professional consultants. There have been books, discussions, blogs, articles and so on … but much of the debate has been transformed into consultant-speak, tyrranised by the voice of the corporation, and starved of human touch.

And while I am more than happy to hear about companies trying to encourage creativity and innovation, I am just as interested in freeing creativity and innovation from the binds that turn it into process. My view of creativity is a little more disruptive and anarchic than this … and it is precisely those types of disruptions that I am most interested in.

Long live creative chaos!