100_1199I love the way that cars and bikes capture our attention. There is something about the melding of mind, body and machine that has a deeply attractive significance for many of us … and yet, it is something that car makers are very rarely able to articulate.

I was reading Russell Davies’ post on cars and how he was becoming interested in them again … and it reminded me of David Armano’s photo of a motorbike (hey David, is it yours?) and a story about heading off on holidays. And there seemed to be a connection emerging … something that linked passion, curiosity and a sense of escape.

Now, I have always been interested in cars and bikes, and have had many over the years. My most recent bike was this fantastic Ducati 900 Monster — and I loved it. It was big, noisy and made your heart race. And everyday it would remind me of a discussion of Plato’s theory of forms. Really? Oh yeah!

I distinctly remember a discussion about beauty and the way that it was considered one of Plato’s forms but without corporeality. Beauty radiates through other corporeal items. In trying to come to grips with this, our discussion ranged far and wide, and I spoke about riding a motorbike, changing gears, braking, accelerating, moving with the machine and so on … and how there was a sense of beauty in the fluidity.

Hmm … lovely. If only advertisers could articulate that sense of deep engagement! If only I could make it sound more poetic. But I am sure, at least some of you know what I mean.